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About Remrec

Reminessence Records is an independent, “boutique” record label, for emerging artists from all over the world. We love everything from jazz hip-hop instrumentals and trip hop, to downtempo music and lofi beats.

Our aim is to provide pleasingly branded and well-prepared music projects to everybody, showcasing the best of what the bedroom-studio generation has to offer.

It all started back in 2017, when the lofi.hiphop forum was still up and running. Under our first name, “Loffifee”, we released a series of compilation beattapes – a concept that was beloved back in the day. The name of the series, “Gatherings”, Loffifee Gatherings to be specific. Three volumes full of amazing tracks from people who really loved what they did, even if it wasn’t profitable. It was really for the love of the art.

Reminessence’s first proper release was “her.eyes”, by one of the label’s first friends, Matsu. Ever since then, we’ve been focusing on projects that we really love, aiming to create a curated catalog of beautiful music for everybody to enjoy. 

We’ve worked with plenty of amazing artists (Lost Son, Jes Nil, NK, Phyllo & more) and we’ve had the luck and pleasure to see our music placed in multiple top-tier community and editorial (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer) playlists . We’ve amassed over 70 million streams and views and we can’t wait to add you and your art to our family.

If you’re interested in releasing music with us, submit your project(s) and we’ll get back to you soon!

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